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Classical Music Review

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Composer: Mac Dunlop
Label: Mac Dunlop
RRP: £5.00
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Release Date: 10 September 2019

Mac Dunlop releases Petrichor, a 9 track (57 min, 57 sec) album of pieces performed by solo piano.

Unlike Dunlop's previous release this month (The Laughing Dampenier, a collection of improvised pieces for solo piano), Petrichor is melodic and instantly accessible. What's intriguing about this album is how Dunlop effortlessly moves across genres from jazz ('Double Zero') to more conventional classical music ('Tresanton-sweet-C') sounding like he's a master of all he tackles.

It has an edgy improvisational feel to it ('Tresanton-Rubato' in particular), whilst still sounding as though it's been carefully composed; each note being carefully planned.

It beautifully straddles the line between classical and avant-garde . A warm and intricate collection that has something for everyone.


Darren Rea