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Everything's Fine


Artist: Jamie Drake
Label: AntiFragile Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 September 2019

Jamie Drake's new album, Everything's Fine, is released via AntiFragile Records. The 9 songs (31 min, 59 sec) on this LP are surprisingly timeless and diverse...

There's a Keane-esque feeling on tracks like 'Oh Well' as well as a '60s vibe running through songs like 'Make a Spark'. There's even a '40s opening on 'Redwood Tree', which gives way to the sound of a trippy '50s Hollywood musical.

The opening title track is instantly accessible and by far the most memorable piece here. Drake's voice is beautifully complimented by guitar and the lilting harp. 'Allison', the album's final track, is the other main highlight. The two songs wonderfully bookend this remarkable album.

There's something for everyone, every occasion and every mood. Drake will haunt you with her siren-esque vocals and draw you in with her mesmerising tunes.


Nick Smithson

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