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Adventures on the Floating Island


Artist: Monster Rally
Label: Gold Robot
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 20 September 2019

Monster Rally is the musical project of Cleveland based visual artist Ted Feighan. Their new album, Adventures on the Floating Island, is released via Gold Robot...

Adventures on the Floating Island opens with the swinging, smooth horns of '70s club jazz. It's the perfect start to put you in the right head space for what is to come. Unapologetically retro in style, the album floats between upbeat, funky classic lounge music and '60s/'70s jazz.

It's very much a sound you'll love or hate. There's no middle ground here. Those that get what Ted Feighan is attempting will fall in love with just about every track. There's certainly a tune for every mood and occasion, albeit with a deliciously kitsch twist.

There are styles here that haven't been used or heard in decades and the fact that Feighan has taken the time to mine that retro vibe and deliver something that can be consumed by a modern audience, while still paying homage to the past, makes the audio experience all the more sweeter.


Nick Smithson

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