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Dolemite is My Name
Music from the Netflix Film


Composer: Scott Bomar
Artists: Eddie Murphy, Craig Robinson, Bobby Rush, Da'Vine Joy Randolph and The Bo-Keys
Label: Milan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 October 2019

Milan Records soundtrack release for the Netflix movie Dolemite is My Name, incorporates Scott Bomar's original score with new songs performed by members of the main cast, including Eddie Murphy, Craig Robinson and Da'Vine Joy Randolph, as well as a lineup of blues and soul greats including Bobby Rush, The Bo-Keys and Blind Mississippi...

The soundtrack to Dolemite is My Name is the perfect musical souvenir of the movie, as it mixes the score, by Scott Bomar, songs performed by some of the cast, as well as performances by some notable blues and soul icons.

Composer, Bomar, doesn't just deliver a Shaft-esque '70s soundtrack... Okay, he mostly does, but there are some interesting themes that may have passed you by whilst watching the movie. 'Parking Lot', for example, still employs the wakka wakka sound of an electric guitar using the wah-wah pedal, but the introduction of a flute elevates the emotional impact of the music considerably.

Capturing the film's humour, 'Ballad of a Boy and a Girl' performed by Eddie Murphy and Da'Vine Joy Randolph is a ridiculously tongue in cheek song that will leave fans with a smile on their face.

While this won't obviously been to everyone's taste, the '70s vibe may deter a lot of soundtrack collectors from purchasing it, it perfectly captures the spirit of the movie.

Track listing:

01 - 'Dolemite' by Craig Robinson
02 - 'Like I Should' by Craig Robinson
03 - 'Parking Lot' by Scott Bomar
04 - 'Liquor Store Wisemen' by Scott Bomar
05 - 'Recording Comedy' by Scott Bomar
06 - 'Sell It by' Scott Bomar
07 - 'I Ain't Studdin' You' by Bobby Rush
08 - 'Ballad of a Boy and a Girl' by Eddie Murphy and Da'Vine Joy Randolph
09 - 'The Dunbar Hotel' by Scott Bomar
10 - 'Clean Up' by Scott Bomar
11 - 'Feed the Honkies' by Scott Bomar
12 - 'Scene 3' by Scott Bomar
13 - 'Put Your Weight On It' by Scott Bomar
14 - 'I'm Gonna Kill Dolemite' by Scott Bomar
15 - 'We Done by Scott Bomar'
16 - 'Phone Call' by Scott Bomar
17 - 'Promote The Sh*t' by Scott Bomar
18 - 'New House Record / Walkin'' by Scott Bomar
19 - 'Leaving' by Scott Bomar
20 - 'Arrived' by Scott Bomar
21 - 'Hi Roller' by The Bo-Keys
22 - 'Rocky Bottom' by Jason Freeman feat. Blind Mississippi Morris



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