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Emerald Classics


Artist: Swim Deep
Label: Pop Committee
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 04 October 2019

Swim Deep are a UK indie rock band who formed in Birmingham in 2011. Their current lineup consists of Austin Williams (vocals), Cavan McCarthy (bass), James Balmont (keyboards), Robbie Wood (guitar), and Thomas Fiquet (drums). Emerald Classics is their third studio album...

Emerald Classics opens strongly with the first single from the album 'To Feel Good' which employs a choir and rap-style delivery. On a first listen, this will probably throw fans off, as it's a huge departure from their previous album, 2015's Mothers, with its acid house and techno influences. And that's what makes Swim Deep a band to be reckoned with. Rather than delivering song after song in the same vein, the quintet are constantly maturing and mining new musical styles and influences. This means that their fan base are more likely to stay with them as they shift and mature. It's hard to get complacent or bored of something that continues to change and grow.

The second single 'Sail Away, Say Goodbye' is a strong, indie dreampop offering that is hard not to hit repeat after the first play through. When I review album's I'm almost always wrong when I try to guess the tracks that are strong enough to be singles, but on the first play 'To Feel Good' and 'Sail Away, Say Goodbye' were the only two tracks that made incredibly strong, lasting impressions on me. The rest of the album took a little longer to digest and grow to love.

There's not a single song here on this 10 track LP (42 min, 55 sec) that could even be considered as a b-side. Each track has its moment in the sun and, depending on your mood, you'll find your favourite song constantly changing.

Swim Deep deliver a classic album that's sound has its origins in the '90s, but has a modern presentation that will appeal equally to oldies and a younger generation.


Nick Smithson

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