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What an Uproar


Artist: Hustle and Drone
Label: Hustle and Drone
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 October 2019

Hustle and Drone release their new LP, What an Uproar. The electro-pop outfit is fronted by ex Portugal keyboardist Ryan Neighbors who, over the course of these 11 songs (37 min, 02 sec) brings us a dark and brooding take on the electro-pop scene...

What an Uproar is a brutally honest and revealing album that sees frontman Ryan Neighbors showing his vulnerable side as he lays bear his inner most demons. Suffering from depression for years, Neighbors channelled those feelings to dig deeper and give birth to songs which reflect those moods. So many will be able to relate to this, but don't think for one moment that this is a self-indulgent, miserable experience for those who are lucky enough to not experience depression.

The majority of tracks are slow and beautifully melancholic. However, it opens on the upbeat 'Dark Star', whilst concluding with a hope for the future: 'Never Sleep Alone'. However you look at it, the end result is life affirming and ultimately uplifting - oddly enough, given its origins.

A deeply personal outpouring that sends a message to the millions of vulnerable, that they are not alone.


Nick Smithson

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