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My House


Artist: Gold Dime
Label: Fire Talk Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 October 2019

NYC multi-instrumentalist Andrya Ambro, and her band Gold Dime, release their second LP, My House, via We Talk Records. On this album, she's joined by Ian Douglas-Moore on bass and John Bohannon on guitar. The 9 songs (45 min, 56 sec) are consciously striving to resist pigeonholing, but you can't get away from the fact that there's a fresh and invigorating rock vibe at the core of this release...

My House is an album that is deliberately difficult to pigeonhole. There's obvious rock elements, a little punky attitude and a little bit of folk thrown in for good measure. If I had to slap a label on it (sorry), I'd have to describe it as mellow punk rock.

'My House' is probably the most punkish track here. The industrial rock sound shines through and Andrya Ambro's vocals take on a banshee slant.

'La Isla de Vaso' opens with a screeching siren sound, followed by a heavy guitar and drum intro. When Ambro's vocals kick in, its as a singsong narration. 'Peggy' leans more toward standard rock, with a slow and chant like build.

My House is loud, brash and frenetic and will certainly blow away the cobwebs.


Nick Smithson

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