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Intergalactic Sailor


Artist: James McArthur and the Head Gardeners
Label: Moorland Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 11 October 2019

Intergalactic Sailor is the third album from Welsh born folk singer/songwriter James McArthur with his band The Head Gardeners, following on from 2015's Strange Readings from the Weather Station and 2017's Burnt Moth...

Intergalactic Sailor is a stripped back, chilled affair. At times it feels like you are listening to this live in a private venue. with the band playing just for you. It really is that intimate.

However, the laid back feel soon starts to lull you to sleep. Now, this is either a good or bad thing, depending on your point of view. Personally I found it an enjoyable, if totally forgettable release. After several weeks of playing it, I can think of nothing that stood out, nor any of the tracks I'd willingly want to add to a playlist.

It's a well produced and relaxing experience, it's just that I found it a little flat, rather bland and seriously lacking in any sort of personality.


Nick Smithson

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