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Hello, I'm Doing My Best


Artist: Ali Barter
Label: Inertia Music / [PIAS]
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 October 2019

Inertia Music / [PIAS] release Ali Barter's new LP, Hello, I'm Doing My Best, an upbeat rock album with pop sensibilities...

Ali Barter has a siren's voice. You won't be able to resist it, as it pulls you in. Hello, I'm Doing My Best contains 11 songs (34 min, 51 sec). Some ('January', 'Backseat' and 'Are You Happy Now?') I was instantly drawn to, while the majority it took me quite a few listens to warm to - however, even then I still didn't engage with them as readily as those I enjoyed on the first play.

While the subject matter, and lyrics, for a lot of the songs are downbeat, the music is surprisingly upbeat making the tracks feel like positive ones.

I couldn't help notice that 'I Won't Lie' has an incredibly similar riff to The Pixies 'Where is My Mind' from their debut 1988 album Surfer Rosa.

Overall this is a well produced album that has several good tracks that could easily be solid singles, but it also has a few too many songs that feel a little to much like b-sides.


Nick Smithson

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