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Do You See the Falling Leaves?


Artist: Broen
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 October 2019

Broen return with their new album, Do You See the Falling Leaves?, released via Bella Union. Norway's experimental pop quintet deliver an album that is bursting with inspiration from jazz, funk, psychedelia, electronica and hip hop...

Do You See the Falling Leaves? chucks everything into the meling pot. Being a five-piece oufit, it's pretty obvious that all of their tastes had a creative input in crafting the music.

The opening 'Where is Passion' is typical dream pop, 'Do You See the Falling Leaves' is reminiscent of '80s electronic pop, 'Dorian Grays' mixes hip hop with '80s electronica, while 'Never Was' turns up the psychedic vibe. There's an element of Japanese pop in 'Lines', 'Bring it Closer' and we're back to electro pop, 'Free World' is another hip hop inspired track, while 'Shut Down' is a beautiful mix of electronic pop and indie pop. 'Bubbles' is another hip hop song. The album concludes with 'Strings', a pretty perfect indie pop track.

This is a slow burner of an album. While you'll enjoy it (some tracks more than others) on a first play through) it's only on repeat listens that you'll really start to appreciate just how wonderfully constructed the album is.


Nick Smithson

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