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Artist: Drifting in Silence
Label: Labile Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 25 October 2019

Away is the new album by ambient veteran Drifting in Silence. The LP moves slowly, yet methodically, with each track being a meditation in its own right, peppered with sine waves and delicate piano work...

Those who enjoy ambient music will probably already be well versed in Drifting in Silence's back catalogue. Away is the latest album which balances bold electronica ('Breathe') with soft, percussion ('Obscure', 'Darkwithin').

It's not so taxing or attention seeking that it will distract you, so is perfect for putting on in the background and chilling to. It can also work, quite effectively, as music to meditate to. Tracks like 'Continuum' have a slow fade in and out, so is ideal to play on a loop.

Ambient is a strange genre. Some love it, others can't quite get their head around it. Drifting in Silence manages to capture that middle ground which will excite fans, while also being engaging enough to drag in newcomers.

Lay down, turn down the lights, and spend a bit of quality downtime with Away.


Nick Smithson

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