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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Composer: Andres Sanchez Maher and Gus Reyes
Label: Plaza Mayor Company
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 25 October 2019

Andres Sanchez Maher and Gus ReyesIt's score for the TV series Falco is released via Plaza Mayor Company. 1994 in Mexico City, and Alejandro Falco is a good policeman with a promising future and a young family. However, his perfect world is shattered when he is shot by a mysterious attacker in the line of duty. With a bullet lodged in his head, Falco falls into a coma - for the next 24 years. He awakes in 2018 with no memory of what happened, and to a world he doesn't recognize - including the internet and mobile phones. But far more devastating is the news that his wife has remarried, and the baby daughter he once knew is now a grown woman...

Over the course of 30 tracks (1 hr, 25 min, 41 sec) Andres Sanchez Maher and Gus Reyes deliver numerous intriguing and engaging themes. One of the main threads running throughout the score is confusion and Falco's struggle with coming to terms with his "new" life. Having missed 24 years to a coma, there's plenty of melancholic themes as he adjusts to life without his wife and missing out on seeing his baby daughter grow up to be a woman.

There's plenty of suspense music here too... in fact it's pretty much an all rounder with very little in the way of throw away atmospheric cues.

If you're familiar with the show then you'll probably have already had this on order for a while. But, even if you haven't seen the series, there's enough quality material to make it worth adding to your soundtrack library. It also contains an unreleased version of the main theme.


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