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Creation is Perfect


Artist: Minimal Compact
Label: Minimal Compact
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 25 October 2019

Minimal Compact release a new album which sees them perform new versions of some of their old songs. The band is an Israeli rock group associated with the post-punk and indie rock movement of the 1980s and, to date have released 12 albums.

After listening to Creation is Perfect for several weeks, and really getting into it, I came to start writing the review... only to discover that the version we'd been sent was missing its opening track. A bit shoddy on the part of the publicity department... but ultimately it actually presents the album in a better light.

The LP is supposed to open with 'Statik Dancin', a rather dull and lifeless opener. However, track two 'Take Me Away' really kicks things off with a bang - which is what you'd expect from a punk outfit.

If you know the original tracks, then you'll be surprised at how different these new recordings are. But, if you're coming to this fresh, you'll find this to be a modern, infectious release that is hard to ignore.


Nick Smithson

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