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Artist: M. T. Hadley
Label: Empty / [PIAS]
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 November 2019

M. T. Hadley's new album, Empty, is released via Empty / [PIAS]. The first single was penned in 2011. The album takes us on a journey through the 2010s, a decade of misery and decline ("Hold my Beer" say's 2020). Here Hadley delivers nine songs (31 min, 05 sec) in the key of accepting pain...

M. T. Hadley's certainly a poet, and one that can write catchy and engaging pop songs... but his voice may turn a few too many people off. It sounds a little too high and his style makes him sound a little like he's employing autotune - which I'm assuming he's not. Okay, there is some electronic manipulation going on, 'Reticent' makes that much obvious.

When I say his vocals are a little too high, what I mean is that he constantly sounds like he's overstretching his range and I kept expecting him to not be able to make the notes.

However, if you can get past that then you'll find Empty to be a surprisingly upbeat album, considering the subjects tackled.


Nick Smithson

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