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African Paradigm


Artist: Mr Raoul K
Label: Compost Records
RRP: £13.99
CPT 550-1/-3
Release Date: 08 November 2019

Compost Records brings us the new album from Mr Raoul K, African Paradigm. Mr Raoul K is currently considered as one of the pioneers of Afro House. While mastering his craft, the artist's vision was to unite traditional African instruments with modern electronic sounds, which laid a foundation to a new genre that is now considered to be a cornerstone of electronic music: Afro House...

African Paradigm is a wonderfully diverse album which fuses traditional African instruments with electronic sounds. It was important for Mr Raoul K to ensure that all of the instruments on the album originated in Africa (many were bought by the artist during his trips to Africa) and were played the traditional analogue way. Joining Mr Raoul K on this release are vocalists Ahmed Sosso, Lady Parul and Sona Diabate.

Tracks like 'African Paradigm (Chapter 5)' deliver a hypnotic, almost tribal traditional dance feel, before western instrumentation and influences creep into the frame, finally pushing the lush, community feel spirit to one side to deliver a rather claustrophobic solo guitar performance.

It's an interesting and captivating sound. Those looking to expand their musical palette should give this a listen.



Nick Smithson

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