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The River of Time


Composer: David Maslanka
Conductor: Mike Fansler
Performed by: Western Illinois University Wind Ensemble, John McMurtery (flute) and Moisés Molina (cello)
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 08 November 2019

Navona Records release David Maslanka's The River of Time, which is comprised of two works: The six-part 'O Earth, O Stars Music for Flute, Cello & Wind Ensemble' and the four-movement 'Symphony No. 10 - The River of Time', both performed by the Western Illinois University Wind Ensemble...

'O Earth O Stars - Music for Flute, Cello & Wind Ensemble' takes its opening melody from J. S. Bach’s reverent 'Jesu, meine Freude,' ('Jesus my Joy'). 'Dragons and Devils of the Heart,' the fourth movement, is a raucous and enthralling adventure; the music soars and dives with cinematic grandeur. The work ends with a chorale, providing a majestic and passionate conclusion.

'Symphony No. 10 - The River of Time', opens with the soft, contemplative 'Alison.' 'David' is where the epic, shiver-down-the-spine music is housed. Of the album's tracks, this was easily the highlight for me. The final movement, 'One Breath in Peace,' begins tenderly before transcending into song.

The two works are very different in style and delivery, making this a joyous and memorable collection. 'Symphony No. 10 - The River of Time' was, for me the more enjoyable of the album's two pieces. This is pretty much a flawless album of beautiful music.


Darren Rea

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