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The Legend of the War Horse
Original Soundtrack Recording


Composers: Anne-Kathrin Dern and Daniel James
Performed by: London Metropolitan Orchestra
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 November 2019

MovieScore Media release Anne-Kathrin Dern and Daniel James's music for The Legend of the War Horse, which was composed specifically for an open air play in Mongolia, featuring hundreds of horses as well as aerial performances. The story follows a Mongolian soldier who leaves his home for battle to protect his family...

Anne-Kathrin Dern and Daniel James's music for The Legend of the War Horse is a beautifully crafted work. It's the ideal album to put on and listen to from start to finish and just get lost in.

The traditional instruments and vocals from Mongolia also help to give it another level of depth, combining these with the sound of a western orchestra makes this stand out as a beautiful piece of art. At times the orchestra is centre stage, whilst at other points it acts as accompaniment to the Mongolia elements.

Talking about the project Dern recalls: "Mongolia is known for its magnificent horses and their historic cavalry. In order to capture this story, we worked closely with folk musicians from Mongolia who recorded plenty of traditional vocals and instruments for us, such as the Matouqin and their unique throat singing. We then went to London to record the world-class musicians from the London Metropolitan Orchestra with Jake Jackson engineering at AIR Studios. The result is the best of both worlds - traditional Mongolian folk melodies combined with Western orchestral music."

The fact that MovieScore Media have branched out to encompass not just film scores, but another side of the performing arts is one that should be embraced by all soundtrack collectors.


Darren Rea

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