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A Taste of Honey


Artist: Edward Sizzerhand
Label: Beat Art Department
RRP: £13.99
BAD 010-1/-3
Release Date: 29 November 2019

Edward Sizzerhand releases his latest beat filled labour of love, Beats and Bees, via Beat Art Department.

Beats and bees are important ingredients in Sizzerhand's life. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he became know worldwide in the '90s with the rap crew Square One. Since then the DJ, beatmaker and producer has engaged in beekeeping and acquired professional skills in honey production over a number of years. He's even graduated with a BA in master beekeeping at a university of agricultural economics.

What better way for him to cross pollinate both his passions than with an album of smooth-as-honey beats. Beats and Bees contains 14 tracks (30 min, 21 sec) and really is a laid back, heartwarming collection of beautiful instrumental tunes.

A little jazzy, a little hip-hop... but so soulful, this is an album that will bring you hours of pleasure.


Nick Smithson

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