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Music For People in Trouble
Live From the Barbican


Artist: Susanne Sundfør
Label: Bella Union
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 29 November 2019

Music For People in Trouble: Live From the Barbican is Susanne Sundfør's fifth album, and is released via Bella Union. The original studio album was released in 2017, and after its critical success, Sundfør presented the album as a live show. This immersive audio-visual production played in just a handful of places across Scandinavia, plus one UK show at The Barbican, London on 21 May 2018, which is where this recording was made...

Susanne Sundfør's dreamy vocals shine through on this live recording, if you bought the original studio recording of Music For People in Trouble, and enjoyed it, then you'll really want to add this new release to your music library. There's a raw energy that's hard to capture any other way and the music flows so naturally that it's really a wonder that this show didn't tour around the UK.

The songs here dip their toes into various musical genres including folk and experimental pop. And while the songs are hypnotically engaging, it's Sundfør's hauntingly beautiful vocals that will draw you in.

An interesting project that comes across incredibly well as an album... Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to see if there's a Blu-ray release so that I can enjoy the show as intended. [Sadly, there isn't at present - Editor]


Nick Smithson

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