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Extant Blues


Composer: Various
Performed by: Trio Accento
Label: Albany Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 December 2019

Trio Accento, which is comprised of Limor Toren-Immerman (violin), Garik Terzian (cello) and Nora Chiang Wrobel (piano), release their new album, Extant Blues, via Albany Records. This recording features five varied works, including one which was specially commissioned by the ensemble...

Of the five very different works on this recording (split across 9 tracks - 1 hr, 12 min, 21 sec), Jeff Beal's 'Almost Morning' is a dance work composed for choreographer Claudia Schreier. Russell Steinberg's 'Paleface' was inspired by the acclaimed paintings of "psychological pop" artist Jerry Kearns, while Gernot Wolfgang's 'Jazz and Cocktails' was inspired by the goings-on of an imaginary cocktail party.

Juhi Bansal's 'Wings' evokes a day in the mountains and the image of a solitary bird flying through a rain-filled sky. Kenneth Froehlich's 'Polarized' is a study of contrasts, conceived as a response to our ever-increasing polarized society.

While the pieces are diverse, the main thing they have in common is the way that Trio Accento approaches them. It feels like these are works they know inside and out, yet weirdly there's a freshness to them that feels like they're playing them for the first time - with all the energy and interest that comes with something fresh, rather than going through the motions of repeating music the trio have been rehearsing for ages.

This is a wonderful collection of modern compositions.

Track listing:

Limor Toren-Immerman (violin); Garik Terzian (cello); Nora Chiang Wrobel (piano)

Kenneth D. Froelich
01 - Polarized

Juhi Bansal
02 - Wings - Movement I
03 - Wings - Movement II
04 - Wings - Movement III

Wolfgang Gernot
05 - Jazz and Cocktails

Russell Steinberg
06 - Paleface - Piano Trio (with kazoos) - I. Wild West
07 - Paleface - Piano Trio (with kazoos) - II. Action Hero
08 - Paleface - Piano Trio (with kazoos) - III. Into Night

Jeff Beal
09 - Almost Morning


Darren Rea

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