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Slow Dancing With a Boy


Artist: Marty Thomas
Label: Broadway Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 06 December 2019

Broadway Records release Marty Thomas's new album of covers, Slow Dancing With a Boy. This album explores the music of a young closeted man's coming of age memories, and dares to question the possibility of having lived those memories honestly and openly. Fusing pop and musical theatre music with a song stack that runs the gamut of Vanessa Williams to Les Miserables, this album features collaborations with The Voice's Rachel Potter, Voctave's Jamey Ray and viral sensation Mykal Kilgore...

Slow Dancing With a Boy sees Marty Thomas delivering 12 songs (56 min, 36 sec) that at various points in his live have played an important role. Some will be more familiar than others, depending on your age.

There's a nice mix of songs here, spanning decades and genres. Some Thomas delivers fairly standard cover versions, while others are unrecognisable. 'All By Myself', for example has a totally new arrangement - and it sounds gloriously fresh.

Thomas has an incredible voice and this album shows off his range beautifully. There's something here for all ages. Musical theatre fans will relish the opportunity to hear some of the songs that have been important in Thomas's life.

Track listing:

01 - Slow Dance (4:40)
02 - As (5:12)
03 - On My Own / All By Myself (4:31)
04 - Dreamlover (feat. Jamey Ray and Rachel Potter) (4:38)
05 - Crazy For You (5:17)
06 - Remember Me This Way (4:19)
07 - Show Me Heaven (4:40)
08 - Seventh Grade - Save the Best For Last/Everything I Do (feat. Mykal Kilgore) (5:09)
09 - I Want You To Need Me (4:06)
10 - Someone To Fall Back On (4:47)
11 - We Belong (5:19)
12 - Somewhere (4:02)


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