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Gina & Chantal
Original Television Soundtrack


Composer: Joris Hermy
Label: MovieScore Media
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 December 2019

MovieScore Media release the original score for the 10-part Belgian television series Gina & Chantal. The show is a tragicomedy inspired by the recent resurgence of “real housewives” types shows where wealth and power are a mere facade for human drama. As rich but naive Gina and her cleaning lady Chantal get dragged into a mystery that captivates an entire villa neighbourhood, the unwilling accomplices learn that partnerships can start in the most unlikeliest of places...

The score for Gina & Chantal contains 16 tracks (42 min, 23 sec) and opens promisingly with 'Opening Titles & Previously' which has a hauntingly eerie theme at its core. Sadly, while it has its moments, this level isn't kept up for the album's duration.

Talking about the music, composer Joris Hermy said: "Thomas De Cock [director] knew from the outset that music would play a crucial role. My job as a composer wasn’t just to write fitting music, but also to try to add a psychological layer that would make the story even more intriguing. The challenge was accepted and I went off to compose my first demos. Little did I know, that I would embark on a writing trip that would span almost three years. Thomas turned out to be a great collaborator and became a friend. His trust and freedom to explore have been extraordinary. It pushed me out of my comfort zone more than once and I believe that’s why it has elevated the music to be more than just functional. The opportunity to record and conduct the opening titles and closing credits at Abbey Road was an unexpected bonus and was indeed a dream come true for me."

There are little flurries of originality. The retro 'Louboutins' has a hint of John Barry's jazz-based elements from his early Bond scores. 'Debt Settled is a charming, mellow theme driven piece that is memorable. The 'Closing Credits' also house a strong, upbeat theme.

Overall, this is a diverse collection of themes, it just doesn't really invite repeat listens.


Darren Rea

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