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Second Wind


Composers: Various
Performed by: Dave Camwell
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 13 December 2019

Dave Camwell's interpretations on Second Wind demonstrate the capabilities of the saxophone in music spanning three centuries. The album presents a wide selection of saxophone music: a J. S. Bach partita with piano accompaniment added by Robert Schumann, a Vivaldi concerto, a Händel sonata, but also several contemporary, tonal saxophone compositions. Nestled in between is Koechlin's cinematic, soulful 'Èpitaphe de Jean Harlow' (1937)...

Second Wind will make you reevaluate the way you look at the saxophone. Mainly an instrument associated with jazz, saxophonist Dave Camwell takes you outside your comfort zone by placing arguably the sexiest of the woodwind family centre stage on pieces you wouldn't necessarily associate it with. The original works on this album date from 1720 (J.S. Bach’s 'BWV 1005' and '1006') all the way up until 2014 (John Rommereim’s 'Amara - Breath of Grace'). If I had to pick out just one highlight... I was totally blown away by the beautiful performances on 'Èpitaphe de Jean Harlow'.

What's refreshing about this album is that even if you're familiar with the original pieces, the arrangements here are so fresh and engaging that it's like hearing them for the first time. Each, for the most part, is played with a skeleton crew of performers and it's a testament to how impressive the arrangements are, that you're not even aware that it's only two or three instruments playing - each piece has the power of a fully orchestrated work.

The beauty of this release is that it will appeal to both fans of classical music as well as jazz lovers without any compromises in artistic license. Camwell is a master of his art and here he outdoes himself.

Track listing

Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Camwell
Partita N.3, BWV 1006
Susan Fancher (saxophone), Inara Zandmane (piano)
01 - I. Prelude (3:24)

Johann Sebastian Bach, arr. Camwell
Sonata N.3, BWV 1005
Dave Camwell, Susan Fancher (saxophone), Inara Zandmane (piano)
02 - IV. Allegro Assai (3:56)

Antonio Vivaldi, arr. Camwell
Concerto in B♭ Major, RV 548
Susan Fancher (saxophone), Inara Zandmane (piano)
03 - I. Allegro (3:23)
04 - II. Largo (3:47)
05 - III. Allegro (2:08)

George Frideric Handel, arr. Camwell
Sonata N.3, HWV 370
Hui-Ting Yang (piano)
06 - I. Adagio (2:30)
07 - II. Allegro (2:22)
08 - III. Largo (2:54)
09 - IV. Allegro (1:53)

Charles Koechlin
Èpitaphe de Jean Harlow
Heather Small (flute), Hui-Ting Yang (piano)
10 - Andantino, sans trainer (3:00)

Robert Muczynski
Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano, Op. 29
Hui-Ting Yang (piano)
11 - I. Andante Maestoso (4:09)
12 - II. Allegro energico (3:06)

David DeBoor Canfield
Concerto After Mendelssohn for Tenor Saxophone and Wind Ensemble
The Alberta Winds
Gareth Jones (conductor)
13 - I. Allegretto non troppo (9:56)
14 - II. Adagietto (7:17)
15 - III. Allegro (3:43)

John Rommereim
16 - Amara, Breath of Grace for Choir and Improvising Soloist (5:22)
Troy University Concert Chorale
Diane Orlofsky (conductor)

Russell Peterson Concerto for Flute, Alto Saxophone and Symphonic Band
Troy University Symphony Band
Mark Walker (conductor)
Heather Small (flute)
17 - I. Andante, Moderato (4:44)
18 - II. Adagio, Andante, Adagio (4:27)
19 - III. Allegro (5:06)


Darren Rea

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