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Composer: Various
Performed by: Patrick Yim
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 10 January 2020

Violinist Patrick Yim brings us his debut album, Memory, which sees him perform pieces , by various composers, for solo violin.

The album opens with 'Memory', composed by Chinese-born Chen Yi who searched for a harmonious marriage of centuries-old Western and Chinese musical traditions as she remembered her beloved violin teacher, Lin Yaoji.

'Away, Alone, Aloft', by Kai-Young Chan, draws upon an ancient Chinese tale about the loneliness and regret of the legendary Moon Lady from a poem by Tang Dynasty poet Li Shangyin.

'Miles upon Miles' is composer Yao Chen's personal meditation on three of the myriad facets of the Silk Road, which unleashed the free flow across borders of sound.

'Miles upon Miles composed for amplified violin and electronics' by Austin Yip, is in three movements, each of which refer to the features of artifacts in the Hong Kong Museum of History’s special exhibit, 'Miles upon Miles: World Heritage along the Silk Road'.

The album’s final selection, Relics, composed by Michael-Thomas Foumai, was commissioned by Yim as a suite of companion pieces to be performed at the Hong Kong Museum of History’s special exhibit. The work is a suite of eight movements inspired by artifacts featured at the exhibition.

The violin is one of the most versatile and emotive instruments and here Yim squeezes every possible emotion from his playing. A sumptuous, collection of intricate pieces.

Track listing:

Chen Yi
01 - Memory for solo violin (2011) (3:53)

Kai-Young Chan
02 - Away Alone Aloft for solo violin (2018) (6:51)

YAO Chen
Miles Upon Miles for solo violin (2018)
03 - I. Silk Road (4:53)
04 - II. Buddhist Mantra (3:12)
05 - III. Kung Fu (3:44)

Austin YIP
Miles Upon Miles for solo violin and electronics (2018)
06 - I. Gilt Bronze (4:20)
07 - II. Cameleer (3:44)
08 - III. Sancai (5:07)

Michael-Thomas Foumai
Relics for solo violin (2018)
09 - I. Beastly Treasures (Gold Mythical Beast) (4:01)
10 - II. Jeweled Loops (Necklaces) (2:25)
11 - III. Wooden Scrolls (Wooden-Slip Document Recording the Diplomatic Visit of a Sogdian Envoy) (1:39)
12 - IV. Woolen Leaves (Woolen Saddle Pad with Leaf Motif) (1:30)
13 - V. Galloping Jade (Galloping Jade Stallion and Winged Rider) (2:04)
14 - VI. Tomb Costume (Costume of an Aristocrat from a Tomb at Yingpan) (3:56)
15 - VII. Jump Dancer (Gilt Bronze Leap Dancer) (1:18)
16 - VIII. Buddha Rock (Buddhist Stone Carving) (3:15)


Darren Rea

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