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Moto Celeste


Composers: Various
Performed by: Trio Casals - Sylvia Ahramjian (violin), Ovidiu Marinescu (cello) and Anna Kislitsyna (piano)
Label: Navona Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 24 January 2020

Trio Casals release the fifth album in its Moto series of classical albums. Moto Celeste features eight new works by eight preeminent composers. The compositions borrow from an eclectic array of musical traditions, including rhumba and flamenco music...

In the past we've reviewed two of Trio Casals's Moto series: Moto Bello and Moto Quarto. This latest release, Moto Celeste, sees the trio perform new classical music pieces - all of which are stunning in their own right.

The album opens with Diane Jones's 'Earth Rise', which is possibly the most emotionally rewarding experience here. At times it's uplifting, while at others it's beautifully melancholic. This piece is inspired by the cosmic dance between the sun, moon, and Earth, and features lively dances and ethereal strains.

Edna Longoria’s 'Los Ritmos Para Tres' (“rhythms for three”) is a mischievous and thrilling piece, rife with shadow and mystery. Ovidiu Marinescu, Trio Casals’s cellist, composed 'I’m All Ears', which is inspired in part by the musical gestures of a flamenco guitar.

Christina Rusnak’s 'Glacier Blue', in which the trio reflects on the fundamental physical elements of “Mountain,” “Sky,” and “Water” over the course of three movements.

'Darkbloom' by Chad Robinson, explores the full range of the cello with boisterous interjections and tentative replies. Clive Muncaster’s 'Palette No. 2', a grand, sweeping piece seasoned with cross rhythms and even rhumba-inspired passages.

Joanna Estelle’s 'Faraway Star' includes themes that recount the story of two star-crossed lovers. Finally, Eliane Aberdam’s 'Grisailles Vaporeuses' or “misty grayness” is a three-movement work inspired by nature in New England, with all its joy and drama.

For me, the unmissable pieces that I instantly fell in love with were 'Earth Rise' and 'Palette No. 2', but to be honest there really is something here to suit every mood. A wonderfully performed and produced release.


Track listing:

Diane Jones
01 - Earth Rise (9:54)

Edna Alejandra Longoria
02 - Los Ritmos Para Tres (Rhythms for Three) (5:54)

Ovidiu Marinescu
03 - Sunt Numai Urechi (I’m All Ears) For solo cello (7:17)

Christina Rusnak
Glacier Blue For solo cello
04 - I. Mountain (4:07)
05 - II. Sky (5:28)
06 - III. Water (4:36)

Chad Robinson
07 - Darkbloom For solo cello (9:08)

Clive Muncaster
08 - Palette No. 2 (7:42)

Joanna Estelle
09 - Faraway Star (03:24)

Eliane Aberdam
Grisailles Vaporeuses
10 - I. Pensive (3:44)
11 - II. Lyrical (2:44)
12 - III. Joyful (2:17)


Darren Rea

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