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Artist: Son Little
Label: ANTI- Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 January 2020

Son Little, the musical nom de plume of Aaron Earl Livingston, releases his new album, Aloha via ANTI- Records. Born to a preacher and a teacher in Los Angeles, Little first came to international prominence with his self-titled debut, released in 2015...

Recognising the power of humanities own self-destructive tendencies is a recurring theme on Aloha. Here Little mourns the suicide of a beloved uncle on 'Suffer', using addiction and mental illness as a lens to explore forgiveness and empathy, laments the rapidly deteriorating world his two children are set to inherit on 'O Clever One', and meditates on the dangers of succumbing to passion at the expense of reason on 'Belladonna'.

One could be forgiven for thinking that the subject matter gives birth to a deeply depressing collection of morbid or mawkish tracks. The reality is the opposite. If anything this is an uplifting, life affirming album that truly shows off Little's wonderfully rich vocal talent.

The album contains 12 songs (43 min, 20 sec) and is one that grows on you the more you revisit it.


Nick Smithson

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