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Some Music for Robby Müller


Artist: SQÜRL
Label: Sacred Bones Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 31 January 2020

Sacred Bones Records presents Some Music for Robby Müller, the soundtrack to the documentary film Living the Light by Claire Pijman. The music is composed by SQÜRL. The movie focuses on Robby Müller, the Dutch cinematographer whose work includes: Paris Texas, Dead Man, Breaking the Waves, Barfly and 24 Hour Party People...

SQÜRL paint a visual world with their music in much the same way as Robby Müller did with light, and for that fact alone this score is worthy of your time.

Consisting of 6 tracks (30 min, 31 sec) the music leans heavily on electric guitars, which may put some soundtrack collectors off. It's a little Mark Knopfler in places - most notably on 'While Vermeer Was Sleeping'.

Overall, it's an interesting and rather fitting album considering the subject matter and how SQÜRL tackle it.


Nick Smithson

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