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Artist: Kid Nobody
Label: Feltone
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 07 February 2020

Discretion is the debut LP of Kid Nobody. This isn't the first time bandmatess Michael Wilson and Jesse Carmichael have collaborated. They were originally founding members of Wildcat! Wildcat as well as joining forces to score the feature film Fallen Stars...

While not a bad album by any stretch of the imagination, Discretion also wasn't one that really stood out for me. There are so many albums like this around and it makes it hard to recommend this above any other similar sounding LP.

Coming in at 7 tracks (40 min, 45 sec) it flits around without really settling on any one theme. And, while it's great that the band don't pigeonhole themselves as one thing or another, the end result feels like music without a focus.

'Indiscretion' rounds the album off with a 22 min, 46 sec electronic experimental piece which feels at odds with the more mainstream pop sensibilities of the previous tracks.

As I said before, the album isn't poor, far from it. It's just that there's nothing overly special either. It's a collection of songs that are instantly forgettable.


Nick Smithson

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