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The Imaginary Museum


Artist: Autre Monde
Label: Strange Brew Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 February 2020

The Imaginary Museum is the debut album of Dublin's Autre Monde. Released through Strange Brew Records, the LP follows a run of singles and an EP stretching back to 2017. This nine track release marks a definitive statement from a band who has evolved their earlier interpretations of post-punk/art-pop to arrive at a richer, more expressive moment, often taking folk-ish melodies and structures as a launchpad...

I couldn't work out if the "Imaginary Museum" alluded to in the album title was actually a metaphor for the band's inspirations for these nine songs (41 min, 37 sec). It certainly feels like a trip down memory lane with some very obvious homages to bands from the '80s and '90s.

The album's opener, 'Lesser Than You', could so easily have come from a Crowded House album. 'Brain Up on Your Pillow' has a musical feel of a Gary Numan track, while the vocals, on occasion bring to mind Boy George.

'Ball of Your Suit' feels like a celebration of James's 'Sit Down', while 'Fever in May' is similar in style to 'Brain Up on Your Pillow'. The album closes with 'Truly Glowing' which reminded my of A-Ha's 'Riding The Crest' from their 2009 album Foot of the Mountain.

This accidental trip down memory lane was what, for me, gave this album it's real charm. Diversity is also key here, making this release standout from the crowd.


Nick Smithson

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