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It's All in Your Head


Artist: The Undercover Dream Lovers
Label: The Undercover Dream Lovers
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 28 February 2020

The Undercover Dream Lovers is the brainchild of Matt Koenig. His latest album, It's All in Your Head, is influenced by the likes of Tame Impala, The Beatles, Parcels, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Daft Pink. He sees this project as a bridge between eras, combining themes and techniques from the past with those pointing the way toward the future...

It's All in Your Head is a wonderfully retro album combining familiar elements of popular music of the '70s and the '80s while still sounding modern enough to appeal to a fresh audience.

There's a hypnotic, upbeat vibe running through this album's 11 songs (43 min, 03 sec) that make it hard not to instantly warm to.

'Plane Ride' is the most personal song on the album for Matt Koenig, who is behind The Undercover Dream Lovers: "I wrote the the verse before going on tour and it was about me feeling caught in the distractions of life. The inspiration for the rest of the song came after tour. We were on the road with the band Her's who were in a fatal car accident before our last show. 'Plane Ride' was the first song I worked on after returning, and my mind was still consumed by the loss. It felt personal for me to keep the first verse. It represented something before the accident, and really paints a picture about how what you may think is important can change in an instant."


Nick Smithson

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