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Artist: Fire in the Radio
Label: Wednesday Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 03 April 2020

Monuments is the third studio album from Philadelphia’s Fire in the Radio. From the first note of the LP’s opener, 'Let’s Get To The Start,' to the haunting outro of the closing track, 'Save Me.' the band incorporates elements of new wave, grunge, and shoegaze drone into their unique brand of indie punk. Along the way, they give nods to influences as diverse as R.E.M., The Cure, Archers of Loaf, Bob Mould, Jawbreaker, and The Hot Snakes, while crafting a record that is unapologetically grounded in punk rock and uniquely their own...

Fire in the Radio band members Richard Carbone (vocals, guitar), Jonathan Miller (vocals, guitar), Adam Caldwell (drums) and Ed Olsen (bass) deliver the goods once again. For fans of their 2017 LP New Air, you'll be glad to hear that Monuments builds and matures on what has come before.

The band still feel fresh and engaging in their performance. In fact, it was while listening to 'Ex SF' I was suddenly mentally transported back to Sheffield's The Leadmill in the '90s - where I went to University. This track has a very intimate mix that really makes it sound like you're in a small venue hearing the band perform live. The drumbeat is particularly captivating.

This is one LP that you'll get a buzz from the very first play through, but as you keep relistening to it you'll start to unearth the many layers that are hidden beneath the surface.

Whether you're coming to the Fire in the Radio fresh, or are a lifelong fan one thing is guaranteed: You'll be entertained.


Nick Smithson

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