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Artist: Jerskin Fendrix
Label: Untitled Recs
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 17 April 2020

Jerskin Fendrix has been carving himself a place on the London scene. Starting out by releasing a trilogy of video singles, in 2018 he composed the score to an experimental absurdist opera UBU at the V&A, before embarking on a UK tour and joint single release with rock phenomenon Black Midi. As a classically trained pianist and violinist, Fendrix's practice and ambition extends far beyond the realm of traditional songwriting. His avant-garde take on electronic pop cannibalises and appropriates elements of pop culture at the service of very personal songs...

Winterreise is an interesting album in which Jerskin Fendrix manipulates vocals and electronic dance beats to deliver a sound that is fresh and engaging. But just when you think you've cracked where he's coming from, he throws you a curve ball.

'A Star is Born' harks back to the '90s dance scene, with a foot firmly planted in '80s electro pop. 'I'll Clean Your Sheets' is a beautifully realised electronic mix of classical music and film score with vocals overlayed.

'I'll Wait For It' could so easily have been a They Might Be Giants track - it's that off the wall yet instantly accessible.

This is a surprisingly upbeat album which you'll need to spend quite a bit of time with to appreciate its finer points... but it's time well spent.


Nick Smithson

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