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The Jupiter Effect


Artist: Larry Rose Band
Label: BBE Music
Release Date: 17 April 2020

BBE Music bring us the first ever reissue of 1978 jazz-fusion album The Jupiter Effect by the Larry Rose Band...

Unearthed by renowned record collector and music historian DJ Amir, The Jupiter Effect was originally recorded in Amsterdam by a Dutch/American quintet of players and released on the eclectic Dutch label Crossroad. The Jupiter Effect was the sole offering from multi-instrumentalist Larry Rose and his band.

Apart from the occasional giveaway waka waka guitar this album could have been recorded yesterday. The production values are impressive and the songs are a wonderful fusion of jazz and soul.

While there isn't a bad song here, 'Oregon' was easily the album's highlight for me - memorable and beautifully performed.

Long may BBE Music continue to find lost gems like this.


Nick Smithson

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