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I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep


Artist: Ghostpoet
Label: Play it Again Sam
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 May 2020

I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep, the new album from Ghostpoet, is release via Play it Again Sam. The two-time Mercury Prize nominee Ghostpoet (aka Obaro Ejimiwe) follows up 2017’s acclaimed Dark Days + Canapés with a record which couldn’t feel more prescient, a dystopian snapshot of the universal unease and anxiety we feel as we enter into this new decade, an uncertain future distilled across 10 tracks...

Recorded in London and written, arranged and produced by Ghostpoet, I Grow Tired But Dare Not Fall Asleep features guest vocals from an eclectic mix of artists; Art School Girlfriend, Skinny Girl Diet’s Delilah Holiday, SaraSara and Katie Dove Dixon.

Obaro Ejimiwe's vocals pull you in and pretty much stay with you. Once you've heard his deep, rich voice you'll instantly recognise it when you hear it again. Of this LP's 10 songs (45 min, 40 sec) it's very hard to go through and chose highlights, as depending on your mood your favourite will switch every time you play it.

On the first play through, however, 'Concrete Pony' with it's dreamy, chord shifts and western movie score base is an instant winner. 'This Trainwreck Of A Life' and 'Nowhere To Hide Now' are notable tracks. Both are richly layered with plenty going on in the background.

While it's a very different beast to 2017's Dark Days + Canapés, it's equally as enjoyable and just as beautifully produced.


Nick Smithson

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