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Before & After


Artist: Lou Volpe
Label: Jazz Guitar Records 918
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 May 2020

Before & After gives Lou Volpe the opportunity to deliver 11 of his own originals plus reinvented versions of two older songs. For this project, the guitarist is joined by drummer Buddy Williams, Stanley Banks, Pete Falbo, or Motoki Mihara on bass and Gary Fritz, John Romagnoli or Richie Morales on percussion...

This is a jazz based album, with guitar front and centre, played in a bluesy and lyrical style that may just bring to mind Larry Carlton in his Crusaders days and 1970s George Benson. The set includes 'Up The Road' (a modern piece worthy of Pat Metheny), the danceable 'Three Rivers,' 'Coming My Way', the inventive 'Travel Light,' and the catchy Brazilian groove of 'Perseguidor De Suenos (Dream Chaser),'

Volpe's delivery is infectious. He makes complicated pieces sound effortless. This is a well polished and highly engaging release.

If bluesy, smooth jazz is your passion, then this will be this summer's essential album.


Nick Smithson