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Prehensile Tales


Artist: Pattern-Seeking Animals
Label: InsideOut Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 15 May 2020

Pattern-Seeking Animals, the California-based band featuring Ted Leonard (lead vocals and guitars), Jimmy Keegan (drums and vocals), Dave Meros (bass) and John Boegehold (keyboards) release their new album Prehensile Tales via InsideOut Music...

Prehensile Tales represents Pattern-Seeking Animals's second album, following on from 2019's self-titled LP. As prog rock goes, they don't come more diverse and multi-layered as this.

From the opening track 'Raining Hard in Heaven' (which reminded me of the Duke era of Genesis) to the closing folk rock style of 'Soon But Not Today', the band shift and change touching on Bond-esque themes ('Elegant Vampires') and flavours of Western genre movies ('Why Don't We Run'). 'Lifeboat' is a mini rock opera of sorts and coming in at 17 min, 20 sec, is the longest track on the album.

I thoroughly enjoyed this rock-based LP which casts its net so wide, illustrating what a versatile outfit the band are.


Nick Smithson

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