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Artist: Sharon Isbin
Label: Zoho
RRP: £13.99
ZM 202005
Release Date: 22 May 2020

Multiple Grammy Award winner Sharon Isbin releases a new album of works especially written for her. On Affinity, which features pieces by leading composers from three continents, Isbin performs the jazz and world music-influenced title work, 'Affinity: Concerto for Guitar & Orchestra' by Chris Brubeck...

Over the course of these nine pieces (55 min, 08 sec) Sharon Isbin perfectly illustrates her prowess on the guitar. From the Africa-influenced 'El Decameron Negro' by iconic Cuban guitarist/composer Leo Brouwer, through the Chinese and Spanish-inspired 'Seven Desires for Guitar' by Tan Dun, to Richard Danielpour’s sensual song cycle 'Of Love and Longing' (with multiple Grammy winner Isabel Leonard), Isbin gets her teeth into this new repertoire for guitar.

For lovers of guitar works, this is a no brainer. The range and style on offer not only allows Isbin to stretch her creative muscles, but it also means that it's an album you're unlikely to tire of quickly.

Track listing:

01 - Affinity: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra
02 - El Decameron Negro: 1. El arpa del guerrero
03 - El Decameron Negro: 2. La huida de los amantes por el valle de los ecos
04 - El Decameron Negro: 3. Balada de la doncella enamorada
05 - Waltz No. 3 Natalia (feat. Colin Davin)
06 - Seven Desires for Guitar
07 - Of Love and Longing: 1. Listen ...
08 - Of Love and Longing: 2. This Night of Love
09 - Of Love and Longing: 3. Your Beauty


Nick Smithson

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