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Sick of Saying Sorry


Artist: High Waisted
Label: Lean-To Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 22 May 2020

New York based garage rock band High Waisted drop their sophomore LP, Sick of Saying Sorry, via Lean-To Records. The duo - Louise Dye (vocals, guitar) and Jono Bernstein (drums) deliver an infectious, upbeat sound across these 10 songs (37 min, 56 sec)...

The album opens with 'Boys Can’t Dance' a retro sounding fast-paced rock track. The vocals and guitar work on 'Modern Love' give this track a '90s indie rock vibe. 'Drive' contains hauntingly beautiful vocals, as they float around the main body of the song.

'Burdens' is a lilting, dreamy track. 'Easy as it Comes' is a little more uptempo, while 'Cereal' has a '50s feel to both the music and lyrics. '8th Amendment' is a '60s folky, hippy fest. 'Eyes Crying' is back to '90s indie rock. 'Giving Up' has more of a country rock feel. The album closes with 'I'm Fine', which is possibly the album's most modern sounding track.

As I mentioned earlier, there's a distinct '90s indie rock feel to this release which, for me made this even more enjoyable.


Nick Smithson

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