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Im Weltenraum


Artist: Fred und Luna
Label: Compost Records
6 73794 25701 3 (vinyl) / 6 73794 25703 7 (digital)
Release Date: 17 July 2020

Fred und Luna's Im Weltenraum is space music of an extraordinary kind: just as you would expect when two mannequins leave their boutique in Karlsruhe/Germany in their mind’s eye to go and see places where they haven’t been before. It's a charming and fascinating voyage through an endless universe of phantasmagorial soundscapes, repetitive rhythms, catchy melodies and even a side trip to Acid House Land...

For those that bought and loved Fred und Luna's 2019 album Im Tiefenrausch, Im Weltenraum is the perfect follow up. Whilst Im Tiefenrausch took the listener on an intoxicating journey into deep blue areas, Im Weltenraum takes us on a trip to spaces, unknown worlds and unknown time zones.

"Fred und Luna" are two mannequins living in a fashion boutique in Karlsruhe, Germany. They serve as muse for musician, lector, poet and photo/video maker Rainer Buchmüller. Inspired by his doll friends and his love for German electronic music of the past decades, Buchmüller produces his self-created genres Elektrokraut and Krautelektro: both a modern combination of repetitive rhythms, beautiful melodies, electronic soundscapes and elements from the Krautrock era.

Im Weltenraum is a wonderful fusion of classical and ambient music. It's chilled out, relaxing and really engages the listener on another level. It's also a timeless beast. This could have been produced anytime from the '80s to the far flung future and it will never age.


Nick Smithson

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