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1000 Hands


Artist: Jon Anderson
Label: Blue Elan Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 14 August 2020

An album nearly 30 years in the making, Yes frontman and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Jon Anderson releases his new solo album, 1000 Hands, via Blue Elan Records. Anderson began working on 1000 Hands nearly 30 years ago, working with a group of musicians that included Yes drummer Alan White and bassist Chris Squire. However, due to his heavy touring commitments with Yes, Anderson had to put the record on the back burner... Until now...

It's weird how the smallest of details can get under your skin and instantly annoy you. For some reason Jon Anderson's vocals made me feel the same way I do when I hear nails dragged down a chalkboard. I persevered on the first play through, even though I really couldn't stand it, put the album aside for a few days and came back to it afresh. It was hard, but I eventually managed to tolerate the vocals, but it still made for an uncomfortable listening experience. I worry that I'm the only one that feels like this, but I really couldn't get on with it.

Then there was the slightly cringeworthy tunes and lyrics. Could this really be the man who fronted Yes? Well, yes... but his voice back then was fine... so why is it so annoying now?

In addition the production values felt a little retro, with the whole stereo mix sounding a little flat and tinny (which certainly didn't help the vocals). To be honest the entire album just felt twee and a little embarrassing... as though this was a long forgotten album from Anderson's very early career long before he became involved with Yes.

Even Yes fans will find this hard to swallow.


Nick Smithson

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