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The Binge
Original Motion Picture Score


Composer: Matt Bowen
Label: American High Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 September 2020

American High Records release The Binge original motion picture score with music by Matt Bowen. Hulu’s The Binge is set in a fictional time when all alcohol and drugs are illegal except for one day, Binge Day. Bowen’s multi-genre score takes listeners on a trip when three high school seniors get caught up in various Binge Day shenanigans...

The original score for The Binge includes the score by Matt Bowen as well as a few songs by Bowen and Christopher Lennertz. Easily the most notable is the musical number 'Higher' which opens the album, as well as an extended version which closes the soundtrack.

For fans of the film this represents an essential music souvenir. For casual soundtrack collectors there's also plenty here to enjoy - thanks mainly down to the fact that the music is incredibly diverse and crosses numerous genre barriers.

My biggest complaint is that a lot of the tracks are pretty much music cues that go nowhere. They're designed to feature prominently in the movie to help the onscreen action, but there's not a lot of depth or memorable themes woven into them.

It's still an enjoyable score, and the 'Higher' song is almost worth buying the entire album for.


Darren Rea

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