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The Little Fox and Other Mongolian Folktales
Concept Recording


Music: Andrew Fisher
Lyrics: Andrew Fisher
Book: Andrew Fisher
Performed by: Togtokh Ganbaatar, B. Saintsogt, Nomin Erdene-Battulga, Soyombo Eukhsaikhan and Misheel Enkhtur
Label: SimG Records
RRP: £12.99
Release Date: 07 September 2020

SimG Records release the latest concept album from Andrew Fisher. The Little Fox and Other Mongolian Folktales is a two-act children’s folk opera. It intertwines four tales with Mongolian folk musical melodies, Mongolian instruments and techniques, and combines them within a western popular musical sensibility...

Andrew Fisher (Girl in a Crisis) illustrates wonderfully how he's not content to sit in his comfort zone, by getting as far away as possible from the subject matter of the wonderful Girl in a Crisis, by creating a children's folk opera based on traditional Mongolian folktales, using indigenous instruments and employing the vocal talents of Mongolian performers.

The stories selected, which feature across a range of published Mongolian folk legends, include The Wise Judge, The Fool And The Moon, Why The Camel Rolls In The Ashes, and The Faithful Little Fox.

The four tales are expertly woven together, with the songs flitting from one to the next. On an audio recording this is very slightly confusing, unless you follow the lyrics in the booklet. This is mainly down to the fact that it's a little difficult to tell the performers apart. As a concept recording this is extremely well realised. The music is uplifting and engaging and certainly one that will entertain adults just as much as children.


Daisy May