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Into a New Journey


Artist: Ambiance
Label: BBE Music
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 September 2020

Unearthed by The Mighty Zaf for BBE Music, Into A New Journey by Ambiance is an impossibly rare and sought-after private label spiritual jazz masterpiece from 1982 with Latin, Brazilian and Afro overtones...

Ambiance's Into a New Journey kicks off on the right foot with the memorable and catchy instrumental 'The Arrival'. Part afro jazz and part '80s electronic score, it really sets the flavour of what is to come.

'The Black Narcissus' is more in keeping with '80s jazz. It's a good, solid number with a lot of flair. Sadly 'Something Better' ... er... could have been something better if the vocals has been stripped out entirely. Monife Balewa's vocals are just so out of tune and turn this into a cringeworthy event.

'Into A New Journey' is an afro number with a fast paced drum core. 'East Wind' has an oriental twist to it before breaking out into an electric guitar solo. An interesting fusion of so many different styles. '500 Miles High' is a much better track to showcase Balewa's particular singing style. It works well here to heighten the music.

We close with 'Windows', another traditional sounding jazz piece, but with Balewa's ethereal vocals played in the background like the singers on the theme to the original '60s Star Trek TV series.

Overall this is an interesting and diverse jazz album that should peak your interest.


Nick Smithson

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