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Artist: Mildlife
Label: Heavenly Recordings
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 September 2020

Mildlife's new album, Automatic, is released via Heavenly Recordings. With this LP, the band has made a step-change from their debut, Phase. It’s more disciplined, directional and arguably more danceable...

Automatic is an electronic dance album that derives influence from several genres. From the '70s disco feel of opener 'Rare Air' to the '80s funk of 'Automatic' this is an upbeat album of some merit.

Of course it won't be to everyone's taste and while it's a good solid all rounder it does have a tendency to be so chilled out that you can be in danger of zoning out a little more than you might expect.

While I did find it lovingly retro, I also felt it was a little run-of-the-mill - a little but too laid back. But if you're looking for a chill out dance album you could do worse than check this out.


Nick Smithson

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