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Artist: Peter Bibby's Dog Act
Label: Spinning Top
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 September 2020

Spinning Top unleash Peter Bibby's Dog Act's Marge onto an unsuspecting world. This is an album with attitude, energy and a ton of humour...

You're either gonna fall in love with Marge or totally not get it. The real life Marge is Peter Bibby's grandmother, who appears on the album cover smoking a roll-up - just watching her corner of the world go by.

“I felt there was no better image than a smoking nanna to be the face of this album,” Bibby reasons. In a way, he's right – Marge might seem genial and easy-going and friendly on surface value, but just beneath that lies something with an attitude and a defiant nature to it, not afraid to just let it burn. Bum one off Bibby, and let Marge tell you a story or two.

The album consists of 11 (40 min, 09 sec) in your face punky tracks that are hard to ignore. Song like 'Batteries' will stay with you for some time as it's catchy chorus is hard to resist.

While it's a mainly brash and loud punk based affair, there's a more mellow side on the album's closer 'Calcium'.

Overall this is a modern punk album that does the genre justice.


Nick Smithson