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Pure at Heart


Artist: Photo Ops
Label: Western Vinyl
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 18 September 2020

Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Terry Price creates dream pop with a tinge of folk under the moniker Photo Ops. His latest LP, Pure at Heart, was inspired in part by his time listening to and studying Bob Dylan‘s Sirius XM show, Theme Time Radio Hour while driving through the Southwest...

Pure at Heart is an easy digestible and immensely enjoyable folk/pop album with just the right amount of upbeat vibe to ensure you keep reaching for it probably long after you should.

The 11 songs (41 min, 43 sec) feel effortless, timeless and instantly accessible. Tracks like 'Don't You Be Quiet' have an earthy, '70s mix feel to them. But it's impressive just how many of these songs you'll instantly warm too.

There's a timeless quality to both Price's vocals (which sound a little Mike Batt) as well as the songs themselves. In truth this feels more like a Greatest Hits compilation than a new album.


Nick Smithson

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