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Interpretations of Web Web


Artist: Various Artists
Label: Beat Art Department
RRP: £13.99
BAD 014-1/-3
673799471414 (2-LP)
673799471438 (digital)
Release Date: 18 September 2020

Web Web is a collective of German jazz musicians, often referred to as a German jazz super group (Süddeutsche Zeitung). To date they have released three albums over a three year period, since 2018, while the fourth is already recorded and in the pipeline for a winter 2020/21 release. Following a number of hip hop producers requests to sample Web Web's material, the band decided to ask a number of beatmakers to deliver their own interpretations of Web Web tracks...

Over the course of 32 tracks (1 hr, 21 sec, 48 sec) a number of beatmasters pay homage to the work of Web Web, a band who have been regularly sampled in recent years. The tracks vary in length from just 48 secs to 4 min, 39 sec. Some really just use the original as inspiration and a jumping off point, whilst others bare little resemblance to the original but either way dance fans will enjoy the varied beats and set pieces laid down here.

Rather than a dance album for individuals to listen to at home, I'd argue the case that this is ideal for DJs to mix in as a quick transition from one track to another.

It's really interesting to hear what different artists focus on and how they incorporate the original material. This is the perfect album for budding DJs to hear how other, more establish, acts weave their craft.

Track listing:

A1. Web Web, Glammerlicious - The Oracle (Glammerlicious Remix) (3:52)
A2. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Remix) (1:05)
A3. Web Web, Twit One - Meh Te (Twit One Remix) (3:13)
A4. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Red Sunrise (Glammerlicious Remix) (1:43)
A5. Web Web, C-Ras - Unreal Prediction (C-Ras Remix) (3:05)
A6. Web Web, Harry Crotch - Dada (Harry Crotch Remix) (3:02)
A7. Web Web, Don Philippe - Safar (Don Philippe Remix) (2:05)
A8. Web Web, Sátyr - Dada (Sátyr Remix) (2:22)

B1. Web Web, Sepalot - The Oracle (Sepalot Remix) (2:53)
B2. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constellations (Glammerlicious Dark Forest Remix) (3:25)
B3. Web Web, Flip - Safar (Flip Remix) (3:13)
B4. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Alternative Remix) (2:26)
B5. Web Web, L One - Dada (L One Remix) (2:26)
B6. Web Web, C-Ras - Maroc Blues (C-Ras Remix) (1:46)
B7. Web Web, C-Ras - Safar (C-Ras Remix) (3:33)

C1. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constitution (Glammerlicious 6/8th Samba Remix) (4:39)
C2. Web Web, L One - Dada (L One Dadaism Remix) (3:12)
C3. Web Web, Jan Doe - Agowu (Jan Doe Remix) (1:44)
C4. Web Web, ditu - Safar (ditu Remix) (1:59)
C5. Web Web, C-Ras - Balini (C-Ras Remix) (3:02)
C6. Web Web, L One - Unreal Prediction (L One Remix) (3:02)
C7. Web Web, Goldfingah - Nonviolent Constellations (Goldfingah Remix) (2:29)
C8. Web Web, Don Philippe - Journey To No End (Don Philippe Remix) (1:59)

D1. Web Web, L One - Journey To No End (L One Remix) (1:27)
D2. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Nonviolent Constitution (Glammerlicious Cave Remix) (3:04)
D3. Web Web, Jan Doe - Agowu (Jan Doe Beat II Edit) (3:23)
D4. Web Web, Glammerlicious - King Of Forbidden Lands (Glammerlicious Remix) (3:28)
D5. Web Web, L One - Nonviolent Constellations (L One Remix) (2:45)
D6. Web Web, C-Ras - The Ring Part 1 (C-Ras Remix) (0:48)
D7. Web Web, C-Ras - The Ring Part 4 (C-Ras Remix) (2:04)
D8. Web Web, Glammerlicious - Unreal Prediction (Glammerlicious The Swarm Remix) (1:34)
D9. Web Web, L One - Alternate Truth (L One Deep Remix) (1:12)


Nick Smithson

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