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Stay Alive


Artist: Laura Jane Grace
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 01 October 2020

Polyvinyl Record Co. and Emmy-nominated artist, acclaimed author, activist and musician Laura Jane Grace (Against Me!, The Devouring Mothers) release Grace's brand new solo album titled Stay Alive. Across the 14 songs (29 min, 14 sec) on the LP, Grace takes all her pent-up fears, anger, and anxiety and releases it. The songs are documents of a time and a songwriter who experienced enough to find levity in the simple act of working. Recorded with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, an occasional drum machine, and her own powerful voice, Grace’s distinct songwriting signature is front and centre...

Fans of Laura Jane Grace may feel a bit put out by her latest album, Stay Alive, The 14 songs don't quite stretch to 30 mins - it's practically an EP. Now this you could forgive if the songs were groundbreaking. Sadly they're not. However... while there's nothing to get overly excited about, Grace has the good sense to really spread the net wide when it comes to style and delivery.

We have thoughtful, reflective tracks like 'The Mountain Song' as well as the rock vibes of songs like 'Super Natural Possession' and the punky overtones of pieces like 'So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Fuck Off'. On balance it's mostly the folky reflective songs that are most prevalent here.

While it's not a bad album, far from it, it's not overly memorable or that well rounded.


Nick Smithson

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