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Floral Prince


Artist: Field Medic
Label: Run for Cover Records
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 October 2020

Throughout 2020 Kevin Patrick Sullivan, the Bay Area singer/songwriter known as Field Medic, shared a series of one-off singles, releasing episodes of his web series The Field Medic Show, and inviting listeners into his creative world with hints at the mysterious Floral Prince: a collection of these previously released singles and seven other unheard songs that reflects his unique songwriting approach...

Engaging, catchy and upbeat is how I'd quickly sum up Field Medic's Floral Prince. At first glance you might feel short changed by the 11 songs (33 min, 53 sec) on the album - it stretches the definition of "LP" to breaking point, but this has more singles that you'll want to relisten to time and time again than most album's have. It crams in side A's leaving B sides behind.

This is indie folk for everyone. Even those who despise folk will find this hard to resist. There's a Dylan-esque vibe running throughout. Only... Field Medic is a better singer, composer and guitar player. I've yet to find a Dylan album I would want to stick on repeat, whereas I've been playing Floral Prince almost nonstop for weeks.

I wasn't so struck on his previous album, Fade into the Dawn, but this time he knocks it out of the park. This is a deeply layered, rich and powerful album. You'd be crazy not to buy it.


Nick Smithson

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