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Talk Loud


Artist: Shy Boys
Label: Polyvinyl Record Co
RRP: £13.99
Release Date: 02 October 2020

Shy Boys's new LP, Talk Loud is available via Polyvinyl Record Co. It's an album that grapples with attachment, with 'Fraid I Might Die' and 'Trash' referencing the universal passage of time...

Talk Loud tries to be so many things and, depending on your point of view, this is its strength or weakness. Personally I enjoyed the fact that the band try their hand at elements that take them out of their comfort zone a little. There's a dreamy edge to the pop produced here, an edge that is hard to define, yet harder to overlook.

It's also an album that is timeless. Yes there's an '80s vibe, but there's also a modern twist on the songs that make it difficult to pin down.

It opens with the hypnotic 'In Gloves', which swirls around your head, and closes with the almost cinematic sound of 'Good Thing', which has a sing-song feel to it that is hard to resist. This 11 track (29 min, 53 sec) LP is an enjoyable, if somewhat short, trip.


Nick Smithson

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